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  • Business/Restaurants/Office Sanitizing Services
  • Serving Monterey Bay, Snata Cruz, Central Cost

Digital Hand Sanitizer Kiosk

Digital Hand Sanitizer Rental San Francisco Bay Area

Prepare your business for the new normal. The Digital Hand Sanitizer Kiosk is a touchless hand sanitizer. Automatic hand motion sensor allows for safe and contact-less dispensing of hand sanitizer. The 3 Liter container offers up to 1500 uses before need for a refill. This even flashes a led blue light as a confirmation upon hand sanitizing.

Branding and Marketing the Digital Hand Sanitizer Kiosk with a 22 inch led screen allows for complete custom branding with video or image slideshows. Great for posting your menu or real estate property or anything else you are trying to spread a message through visually.

This can be wall mounted or free standing station. The unit is built of strong aluminum and is not easily damaged, scratched or dented. Please call us for a demo at your business.