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  • Business/Restaurants/Office Sanitizing Services
  • Serving Monterey Bay, Snata Cruz, Central Cost


Benefits of Electro-Static Anti-Microbial Disinfection

  • Our Electrostatic Sprayers take advantage of the negative charge on room surfaces by putting a positive electrical charge on the droplets before they leave the sprayer. This charge allows the droplets to attract to room surfaces like a magnet. Unlike a hand trigger sprayer which only coats the front side of an object, these electro-charged droplets can bend to wrap around objects, coating in 360 degrees, and allowing for up to 3x greater surface coverage than traditional sprayers.
  • Our electro-static sprayers can coat all surfaces in a 500 Sq. foot area in 80% less time than traditional spray bottles, buckets, or rags.

What to Expect

  • The spray process is quick and simple. It takes under 30-60 minutes per 2,000 sq. ft. of space. And dries in about 20-30 minutes.
  • We will need 2 power outlets and all paperwork, valuables, food and animals put away.
  • We will need 45-60 minutes with no one to enter after Disinfecting.
  • Please let us know if there are stairs or special surfaces our carts might have to travel on.